Listening and Notetaking Skills, Fourth Edition

  • AUTHORS: Patricia A. Dunkel; Phyllis L. Lim; William Smalzer; Frank Pialorsi
  • ©2014 
  • Level(s): Intermediate | Upper-intermediate | Advanced
  • Recommended For: Higher Education | Private Language Schools | Summer School
  • Subject(s): Listening & Speaking


About the Program

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The new edition of the Listening and Notetaking Skills series incorporates engaging National Geographic content and video featuring authentic interviews and videos with National Geographic Explorers! This unique approach engages learners while enhancing listening comprehension and developing notetaking and study skills.

  • Authentic National Geographic videos provide a meaningful context for discussion and application of essential listening, notetaking, and vocabulary skills.
  • New and updated academic lectures offer compelling, cross-curricular content that simulate authentic scenarios for maximum academic readiness.
  • Every unit introduces focused notetaking strategies to prepare students for success in their academic work.

About the Author

  • Patricia A. Dunkel

    Patricia A. Dunkel is Professor Emerita of Applied Linguistics at Georgia State University. Her research includes a focus on the utility and techniques of note-taking on second/foreign language (L2) listening comprehension. She has published a number of research articles and instructional books on the topic. She also has done cutting edge work in computer-adaptive testing of L2 listening proficiency. She has given numerous research and teacher-training presentations on the topics in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Her teaching experience includes positions at The Pennsylvania State University, the University of Arizona, Georgetown University, and Harvard University where she taught numerous graduate, and undergraduate students, as well as pre-university students of English as a second/foreign language.

  • Phyllis L. Lim

    Phyllis Lim, Ph.D., taught intensive ESL for over 20 years at the Center for English as a Second Language at the University of Arizona, directed the MATEFL Program at Bilkent University (Turkey) as a Fulbright Senior Scholar for two years, and directed the English Language Center at the University of Sharjah, UAE, for five years. She also received Fulbright teaching scholarships to Slovenia and Italy as well as an English Language Fellowship to Libya. Her first introduction to living and working overseas was a semester teaching EFL at the Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages in 1983 on an exchange program with the University of Arizona. She is very appreciative for each and every subsequent opportunity that working in his field has given her, both on a professional and personal level.

  • William Smalzer

  • Frank Pialorsi

    Frank Pialorsi, Ph.D., directed the first self-supporting intensive English program at the University of Arizona in the summer of 1968. Before that, he was with the Fulbright Foundation in Greece for three years and Japan for another year. He later directed the UA's Center for English as a Second Language from 1978 to 2002. During that period he traveled to many parts of the world designing and implementing English language programs. Most notable were those in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Taiwan. In 1974, he co-authored the first edition of Advanced Listening Comprehension.

Products Included


Each level of the Listening & Notetaking Skills series is available as an eBook. Students can seamlessly access their student book content, audio, and National Geographic video anywhere and on most devices.