Shooting Stars 6
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Language(s): American English

Level(s): Advanced

Author : Heinle


128 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition

©2008 , Published

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Shooting Stars is an appealing new six-level English language learning course written specifically to address the needs and interests of young teens. Each book includes four topicrelated units that teach vocabulary and language and integrates a motivating and lively episodic story about a group of ...more


Five three-page lessons that work with new vocabulary and grammar structures through reading, listening, speaking, pronunciation, and writing activities

One two-page review that recaps the vocabulary and structures from the unit

A topic-related project that could be completed individually, in pair ...more

Instructor Components
Shooting Stars 6: Teacher's Book

1424019001 (ISBN 10)

9781424019007 (ISBN 13)

Shooting Stars 6: Classroom Audio CDs (2)

1424018900 (ISBN 10)

9781424018901 (ISBN 13)

Classroom audio CD offers recordings of the readings, listenings, pronunciations, and story episodes for each unit. Memorable songs performed by the Shooting Stars and a recording of the endofbook play are i... more