Life, Language, & Literature

  • AUTHOR: Linda Robinson Fellag
  • ISBN-13: 9780838439654 
  • 304 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©1993     Published
  • Level(s): High-beginning | Intermediate
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About The Product

LIFE, LANGUAGE, & LITERATURE is an advanced level, integrated skills reading text. It is an anthology of American literature that focuses on aspects of American life and its reflection through literature.


  • Integrated skills activities combine the readings with other language work.
  • Prereading activities provide learners with cultural, topical, and historical information.
  • Literary analysis exercises help students recognize literary elements and write or speak about literature.
  • Journal writing encourages learners to respond to the text.
  • Culture points and video recommendations help enrich the course by expanding the versatility of the book.

About the Contributor

  • Linda Robinson Fellag

Table of Contents

1. The White Silence
2. The Luck of Roaring Camp
3. The Corduroy Pants
4. The Standard of Living
5. Butch Minds the Baby
6. The Cop and the Anthem
7. Of Missing Persons
8. Acquainted with the Night
9. Dream Deferred
10. The Rule of Names
11. The Story of an Hour
12. The Magic Barrel
13. A Dream Within a Dream
14. Snow
15. I Stand Here Ironing
16. The Letter