• AUTHORS: Jann Huizenga; Maria Thomas-Ruzic
  • ISBN-13: 9780838439807 
  • Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©1994     Published
  • Level(s): Intermediate
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About The Product

Reading Workout is a self-contained reading text for high-beginning ESL or EFL students. It is based on a problem solving approach to learning a second language. Students read about multicultural topics of high interest, and then participate in interactive activities that promote understanding, assimilation, and personal reaction to the readings.


  • Authentic reading selections on timely, multicultural topics appeal to a wide variety of learner interests.
  • Comprehensive prereading activities: students think about each topic, take a warm-up quiz, skim the reading, and then quiz each other on questions they've written about the topic.
  • A wide variety of creative activities and exercises include word blocks, word banks, strategy boxes, and a reading journal.
  • Five independently cohesive units permit maximum flexibility: teachers can cover units in the order they feel most apparently suits their students' needs.
  • Challenging optional readings are included at the end of each unit for students who desire more practice on their own.

About the Contributor

  • Jann Huizenga

    MA - Linguistics Minor - TESOL; MA - French Language & Literature

  • Maria Thomas-Ruzic