Our World Phonics with ABC

Pre-A1, A1


Our World Phonics introduces young learners to the sounds of English and helps them learn and practice sound-spelling relationships in the English language.

Our World ABC introduces young learners to the English alphabet and prepares them for reading and writing in English.

Both Our World Phonics and Our World ABC can be used alone or before or alongside the Our World and Explore Our World programs.

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Lesley Koustaff
Lesley has been teaching (students) and writing ELT materials of all levels for over thirty years. Lesley hopes that by involving students in their learning throughout Impact, they will be interested,... more
Susan Rivers
Series Editors
Dr. JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall
Dr. JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall is Professor Emerita and former Director of the Language, Literacy and Culture Ph.D. Program, and Co-Director of the MA TESO... more
Dr. Joan Kang Shin
Dr. Joan Kang Shin is an Associate Professor of Education at George Mason University and the Academic Program Coordinator of the Teaching Culturally &... more
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