Teaching Second-Language Writing: Interacting with Text

  • AUTHOR: Cherry Campbell
  • ISBN-13: 9780838478929 
  • 112 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©1998     Published
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About The Product

Based on the philosophy that writing should be taught in conjunction with social and cultural expectations, the text teaches a variety of writing strategies, such as self-editing and portfolio writing, and provides practical advice on assessing writing and providing constructive feedback to students.


  • Examines the issues of teaching second language writing from three distinct perspectives: Teachers' Voices, which are authentic accounts of teachers' experiences; Frameworks, which are comprehensive discussions of theoretical issues; and Investigations, which are inquiry-based activities.

About the Contributor

  • Cherry Campbell

Table of Contents

1. Reflecting on Your Own Experience Studying Writing
2. Addressing Various Student Writing Processes
3. Integrating Writing and Reading Through Academic Writing
4. Integrating Writing and Reading Through Creative Writing
5. Integrating Writing into the Multiskills Course with Computers
6. Getting Writing Students to Review Each Other's Drafts
7. Responding to Written Work and the Writer's Process
8. Responding to the Writer and His or Her Overall Progress
9. Reflecting on Your Pedagogical Plans for Teaching Writing