ACTIVE Skills for Reading 1

  • AUTHOR: Neil J. Anderson
  • ISBN-13: 9781133307990 
  • 176 Pages  Stitched binding 
  • 3rd Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2007, 2003
  • ©2013     Published
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About The Product

ACTIVE Skills for Reading is an exciting five-level reading series that develops learners’ reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Written by reading specialist Neil J. Anderson, the new edition of this best-selling series uses an ACTIVE approach to help learners become more confident, independent—and active—readers. ACTIVE Reading A = Activate Prior Knowledge C = Cultivate Vocabulary T = Think About Meaning I = Increase Reading Fluency V = Verify Strategies E = Evaluate Progress


  • New thematic readings feature realistic passage types including articles, journals, blogs, and interviews.
  • New Critical Thinking sections encourage students to analyze text and the author’s intent.
  • New Review Units help students improve reading rate and fluency.
  • Updated website includes online quizzes and Internet research activities.
  • Updated Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® Pro covers TOEFL and IELTS task types.

About the Contributor

  • Neil J. Anderson

    Neil J. Anderson is a Humanities Professor of Linguistics and English Language at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA. He also serves as the Coordinator of the English Language Center. Professor Anderson has taught and presented papers and workshops in over 20 countries. His research interests include ELT leadership, second language reading and language learning strategies. He is the author of a teacher education text in the TeacherSource series entitled Exploring Second Language Reading: Issues and Strategies (1999, Heinle Cengage) and an EFL reading series ACTIVE Skills for Reading (2007/2008 Heinle Cengage). He is also the author of the ELT Advantage: Reading on-line professional development (2006, Heinle Cengage). During 2002-2003 he was a Fulbright Scholar conducting research and teaching in Costa Rica. Professor Anderson served as President of the international association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. 2001-2002. He also served as the Chair of the Board of Trustee for The International Research Foundation for English Language Education 2004-2006.


Teacher Components

  • Active Skills for Reading 1: Teacher's Guide  (ISBN-10: 1133308007 | ISBN-13: 9781133308003)
  • Active Skills for Reading (Levels Intro - 4): Assessment CD-ROM  (ISBN-10: 1133308023 | ISBN-13: 9781133308027)

Student Supplements

  • Active Skills for Reading 1: Audio CD  (ISBN-10: 1133308015 | ISBN-13: 9781133308010)
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