Grammar Clips: A Brief Visual Guide to Grammar

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Language(s): American English

Level(s): Low-beginning, Beginning

Contributors : Donna Lee Kennedy; Sherrise Roehr; Michael Ryall; Heinle


Mixed Media 

1st Edition

©2008 , Published

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Grammar Clips provides a brief overview of twenty-five English verb tenses and other key grammar points. It engages students in the most essential grammar points through a unique approach: easy to understand grammar charts, simple animations, live action video dialogs, and quick comprehension check ...more


25 key grammar points include an extensive focus on verb tenses.

Charts, rules, and animation clarify and explain grammar concepts.

Live action video clips model each grammar point.

Onscreen model exercises with pop-up answers allow students to check their understanding.

Student Components
Grammar Clips: Workbook


Workbook provides additional grammar practice.

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