Instant Discussion: Photocopiable Lessons on Common Topics

  • AUTHORS: Richard MacAndrew; Ron Martinez
  • ISBN-13: 9780759396302 
  • 96 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2003     Published
  • Level(s): B1 | B2 | Intermediate | Upper-intermediate
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About The Product

INSTANT DISCUSSIONS is a photocopiable resource book for teachers. It contains 40 discussion lessons, which give students the opportunity to talk about interesting, important, and current issues. Each lessons consists of two pages of texts, language work, discussion questions and activities. INSTANT DISCUSSIONS is designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and real life by giving students the opportunity to talk about things which really matter to them on a personal level. INSTANT DISCUSSIONS is the ideal way to supplement and extend standard course material. The lessons are carefully structured to be complete in themselves.


  • Contains: 40 stimulating lessons, unit by unit notes with answers, ready-made lessons for the busy teacher.
  • The following 40 topics are covered: Teenage rebellion Incredible stories Naming and shaming criminals Neighbours from hell Choosing names How we use E-mail Price and value Are we all criminals? Ghost and the supernatural The problems of living longer Giving to charity Jewellery for men The environment Prayer Revenge--a natural human instinct? The ethics of IVF Folk wisdom Mobile phones Disciplining children Acceptable foods What is a healthy lifestyle? The private lives of public figures Holidays from hell Dating Newspapers Tipping Royalty Fashion Vegetarians The exploitation of animals Why get married? Problems with bosses Scams and why people fall for them Bad habits The dangers around us Surviving extreme situations Parenting Driving and cars Specials days and dates Houses

About the Contributor

  • Richard MacAndrew

  • Ron Martinez

Table of Contents

1. Teenage rebellion
2. Incredible stories
3. Naming and shaming
4. Neighbours from hell
5. What's in a name?
6. You've got mail!
7. Price and value
8. Are we all criminals?
9. Things that go bump in the night!
10. Living longer
11. Giving to charity
12. Jewellery for men
13. Who cares about the environment
14. The power of prayer
15. Revenge is sweet
16. A matter of birth and death
17. Folk wisdom
18. I'm on the train!
19. Disciplining children
20. Ever eaten dog?
21. A healthy lifestyle
22. Public figures, private lives
23. Holidays from hell!
24. The dating game
25. Newspapers
26. To tip or not to tip?
27. Royalty
28. Fashion
29. Is it right to eat meat?
30. The exploitation of animals
31. Why get married?
32. I hate my boss!
33. Scams -- how can people be so stupid?
34. Bad habits
35. Killed by a flying duck!
36. Survivors!
37. Do you spoil your kids?
38. Do you drive?
39. Specials days and dates
40. Where do you live?