Now You're Talking! 3

  • AUTHOR: Jeannette D. Bragger
  • ISBN-13: 9781111350581 
  • 176 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2013     Published
  • Level(s): High-intermediate
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About The Product

Now You're Talking! is a three-level strategies-based conversation series designed to help learners develop natural spoken English skills through a wide range of contexts and topics. Guided listening and speaking activities prepare students for the types of real-life conversations they encounter in their daily lives.


  • Communicative strategies are explicitly introduced at the beginning of each chapter, focusing learners on the conversational goals of the unit.
  • Professional Context sections introduce learners to the challenges of using English in business and academic environments.
  • Language Focus sections offer instruction in the unique attributes of the English language, including grammar and vocabulary.
  • Cultural Connections sections give students the opportunity to reflect on the cultural aspects of chapter topics.
  • Guided listening comprehension activities serve as models for learners, preparing them for more complex improvised conversations in every chapter.

About the Contributor

  • Jeannette D. Bragger

    Jeannette D. Bragger is a former professor of French at the Pennsylvania State University. Her research interests include second language acquisition and the application of theoretical constructs to the field of pedagogy and language teaching. Professor Bragger is the co-author of ALLONS-Y!; JE VEUX BIEN!; and QUANT A MOI. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California at Santa Barbara.


Teacher Components

  • Now You're Talking! 3: Instructor's Guide  (ISBN-10: 1111350620 | ISBN-13: 9781111350628)

Student Supplements

  • Now You're Talking! 3: Audio CD  (ISBN-10: 1111350604 | ISBN-13: 9781111350604)
    Student CD-ROMs feature multimedia and interactive activities for students, alinged to the content found in the Student Book.
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