Reading Adventures 2

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Language(s): American English

Level(s): Beginning, High-beginning, A1, A2

Authors : Carmella Lieske; Scott Menking


128 Pages  Stitched binding 

1st Edition

©2013 , Published

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$34.00 WHOLESALE (Net)

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Reading Adventures is a three-level reading series which teaches both the language and knowledge learners need to fully participate in today's global community. Using carefully adapted National Geographic text, images, and video, Reading Adventures develops both learners' understanding of the wider ...more


Reading Adventures is a low-beginning level reading series which uses age-appropriate text, images, and video from National Geographic to develop reading and vocabulary skills for learners of English.

Motivating real-world content supported by stunning visuals from National Geographic develops lear ...more

Instructor Components
Teacher's Guide, Reading Adventures 2

0840028792 (ISBN 10)

9780840028792 (ISBN 13)

Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView, Reading Adventures 1-3

0840030355 (ISBN 10)

9780840030351 (ISBN 13)

Audio CD/DVD Pack, Reading Adventures 2

0840030371 (ISBN 10)

9780840030375 (ISBN 13)

$143.95 List

$143.95 CengageBrain

$108.25 College Bookstore Wholesale

Student Components
The Lost City of Machu Picchu: Footprint Reading Library 800

1424011469 (ISBN 10)

9781424011469 (ISBN 13)

Machu Picchu is a beautiful old city in Peru. It was forgotten for many years, but now many people are visiting it. Some people think that too many visitors may not be good for the city. Wha... more

$12.95 List

$9.25 College Bookstore Wholesale

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