The Power of Context in Language Teaching and Learning

  • AUTHORS: Jan Frodesen; Christine Holten
  • ISBN-13: 9781413001310 
  • 288 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2005     Published
  • Level(s): B1 | B2 | C1
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About The Product

THE POWER OF CONTEXT IN LANGUAGE TEACHING AND LEARNING provides a highly accessible, in-depth study of the relationship between discourse and the context of language teaching and learning. A tribute to Marianne Celce-Murcia's groundbreaking and distinguished work, this text contains a strong combination of theory and practice that will benefit any language teacher or student.


  • Contributions from 30 renowned specialists provide a variety of insights and perspectives.
  • Four distinct parts focus on the essential areas of study: Discovering What Context Reveals About Grammatical Structures, Considering How Discourse Context and Language Use Intersect, Exploring the Interface Between Language Skills and Discourse Contexts, Creating Contexts for Effective Language Teaching.
  • With emphasis on practical applications, this text is ideal for classroom or personal use.

About the Contributor

  • Jan Frodesen

    Jan Frodesen is Director of ESL in the Department of Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara, where she reaches graduate and undergraduate courses in ESL and TESL. Her research and professional interests includes composition pedagogy, academic literacy, development, pedagogical grammar and ESL articulation issues in post secondary education.

  • Christine Holten

    Christine Holten is a lecturer in the Department of Applied Linguistics and TESOL at UCLA. She teaches ESL writing course for graduate and undergraduate students and also teacher preparation course in the graduate program. She has presented and published on topics such as writing conferences, grammar and language in writing instruction, composition tutoring, and portfolio assessment.

Table of Contents

1. Contextual Analysis a la Celce-Murcia
2. Nouns without Articles Focusing Instruction for ESL/EFL Learners with the Context of Authentic Discourse
3. Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere over the Rainbow: A Discourse-Based Analysis of Any, Some, and Every in Written English
4. How What We Mean Impacts How We Talk: The Japanese Imperfective Aspect Marker -teiru in Conversation
5. Enhancing Contextual Analysis Through the Use of Linguistic Corpora
6. Teacher-Learner as Fellow Scholar: The Celce-Murcia and Larsen-Freeman Model for ESL Teacher Education
7. Pragmatic Development in Responding to Rudeness
8. On the Role of Social Interaction in the Perception of Coherence
9. The Impact of Information Structure on ESL/EFL Learners' Accurate Use of Articles
10. Lexical Phrases and Discource Context: Questions of Form and Function
11. Discipline, Directives, and Deletions: Discourse in Chinese Heritage Language Classes
12. The Role of Grammar in Reading Development
13. Knowing About Expository Texts: Meta-Textual Awareness and Reading Comprehension
14. The Role of Grammar in TESL and Composition
15. What Can Pragmatics Tell Us About Developing Writers?
16. Lost in an Academic Lecture: The Effects of Context-Based Instruction on Academic Listening Skills
17. Focusing on Form: Seven Habits of Highly Skillful Teachers
18. Firsthand Lessons about Grammar Acquistion and Teaching: Tutoring Older ESL Learners
19. Evaluating Communicativeness of EFL Textbooks for Japanese Secondary Schools
20. The Power of Context in Teaching Pronunciation
21. Creating a Playworld: Motivating Learners to Take Chances in a Second Language
22. Transforming Teacher-Student Style Relationships: Towards a More Welcoming and Diverse Classroom Discourse