Academic Word Power 4

  • AUTHOR: Barbara Jones
  • SERIES EDITOR: Donna Obenda
  • ISBN-13: 9780618397747 
  • 121 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2004     Published
  • Level(s): High-intermediate
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About The Product

Each book in Academic Word Power 1–4 focuses on 140 word families from the Academic Word List, allowing instructors to take the guesswork out of choosing which vocabulary words are most necessary to propel ESL, Developmental English, and high school students toward success reading college textbooks.


  • Contextualized vocabulary in every lesson begins with a reading that includes all of the focus words and is followed by a variety of vocabulary development, practice activities, and strategies for leaning and remembering academic vocabulary.
  • Complete coverage of the Academic Word List teaches you the most commonly used words in a variety of academic lessons, enhancing your success in academic classes.
  • Interactive speaking activities help you increase your retention rate as you develop a link between he focus word and your past experience and knowledge.
  • Exercises focusing on word families help you decipher new words and build spelling proficiency.
  • Written and spoken exercises give you many opportunities to study vocabulary in a variety of ways: you will encounter the focus words in many different contexts; receive rich instruction about word forms, multiple meanings, idiomatic usage, collocations, and grammar; and employ a variety of strategies to learn and retain words.
  • Supplemental series website includes additional activities, self-tests, and assessment.

About the Contributor

  • Barbara Jones

  • Donna Obenda

Table of Contents

1.1 Reading - A Great Opportunity
1.2 Reading - Vocabulary Tips
1.3 Reading - Sharing Resources
1.4 Reading - New Car Phones
2.1 Reading - Safety First
2.2 Reading - Plagiarism Doesn't Pay
2.3 Reading - Climbing the Corporate Ladder
2.4 Reading - National Strength
3.1 Reading - Time for Beethoven
3.2 Reading - Money Management
3.3 Reading - An Ounce of Prevention
3.4 Reading - Mistakes in the New World
4.1 Reading - Earth Friendly Farming
4.2 Reading - Women's Roles
4.3 Reading - Acceptance of New Technology
4.4 Reading - Economic Crisis
5.1 Reading - Army Aggravation
5.2 Reading - Declare or Beware
5.3 Reading - Thinking Outside the Box
5.4 Reading - A Helping Hand
6.1 Reading - Protecting Patients' Rights
6.2 Reading - Nuclear Power:Opposing Sides
6.3 Reading - A Marketing Strategy
6.4 Reading - Following the Law
7.1 Reading - Transportation Troubles
7.2 Reading - Small Claims Court
7.3 Reading - Character Development
7.4 Reading - Doctor's Orders