Go for it!

  • AUTHOR: David Nunan
  • ©2005  | Published
  • Level(s): Beginning | A2 | B1 | Low-intermediate (US) | B2 | Intermediate | High-intermediate
  • Recommended For: Private Language Schools | Teens
  • Subject(s): Lower Secondary


About the Program

Perfect for summer school, before/after school intervention, community-based English tutoring programs, and dual-language instruction programs, GO FOR IT! develops students’ school survival vocabulary and language skills through its lively pace, engaging topics, and variety of activities.

About the Author

  • David Nunan

    Dr. David Nunan is Director of the English Centre and Chair Professor of Applied Linguistics, University of Hong Kong. He is well known for his innovative methodology and his remarkable ability to bring to the classroom a variety of activities that will enhance students' oral production. He is a past president of International TESOL, and has published numerous journal articles and texts including the core series Atlas, Expressions, and GO FOR IT! and the skills series Listen In, all for Heinle. His professional titles with Heinle include Second Language Teaching & Learning and Pursuing Professional Development. The Business Review Weekly selected him as the 7th most influential Australian in Asia.

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