Communication Strategies 1

  • AUTHOR: David Paul
  • ISBN-13: 9789814232593 
  • 120 Pages  Paperback 
  • 2nd Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2003
  • ©2008     Published
  • Level(s): Intermediate
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About The Product

Communication Strategies covers the vocabulary, patterns, and collocations that English language learners need to communicate actively.


  • Communication strategies, vocabulary, and useful expressions are taught and practiced in pair and small-group activities.
  • Collocations and language patterns are integrated together, with an alphabetical listing at the back of the book for reference.
  • All new language is recycled thoroughly.
  • Extra practice material is provided to the teacher in the "Further Activities" section in each unit.
  • A page for "Consolidation and Recycling" at the end of each unit ensures sufficient review of language points.

About the Contributor

  • David Paul

    David Paul was born in Weymouth, UK, and went to secondary school in Dorchester, and graduated with an M.A. in Social and Political Science from Trinity Hall, Cambridge University. After teaching EFL in the UK, he went to teach in Hiroshima in 1980 and has been based there ever since. In 1982, he began his own language school, 'David English House', which became the largest school in the area after a few years. Since 1981, he has written a number of best-selling course books, run teacher training courses throughout East Asia, set up franchise teacher training centers in Korea and Thailand, and been a plenary or featured speaker at many major conferences in the region.


Teacher Components

  • Communication Strategies 1: Teacher's Guide  (ISBN-10: 9814232602 | ISBN-13: 9789814232609)

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