Total Business: Providing a complete package for the world of work

  • AUTHORS: Mara Pedretti; Rolf Cook; Helen Stephenson; John Hughes; Paul Dummett; Colin Benn
  • ©2009  | Published
  • Recommended For: Adult Education | Private Language Schools
  • Subject(s): Business English


About the Program

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A three-level business English course for pre-work students and business people wishing to improve their English and their employment prospects. It is also suitable for in-company training.

  • Modern, business-related topics to engage students and involve them in the practice of everyday business
  • An integrated grammar syllabus offering extensive functional practice
  • Varied activities and learner strategies to motivate and support students in their studies

About the Author

  • Mara Pedretti

    Mara Pedretti lives in Italy and has been an English language teacher since 1995. She is a freelance teacher training in creative teaching and effective communication. She teaches EFL at university level and Business English in companies. She is also an ELT consultant for an Italian publisher.

  • Rolf Cook

    Rolf Cook is a native of the UK, but has lived in Italy since the early 90s. He has 20 years' experience in teaching English as a foreign language and runs training sessions on teaching techniques. Rolf is also a translator, and teaches translation at university level.

  • Helen Stephenson

    Helen Stephenson first taught business English in the 1980s. She has written in-house training courses and a course for upper-secondary students. She teaches at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

  • John Hughes

    John Hughes has worked in ELT for twenty years as a teacher, teacher trainer and director of studies. Currently, he runs training courses, both face-to-face and online. He is also an author with over 20 ELT books. His books for Cengage Learning and National Geographic Learning include Spotlight on FCE, Practical Grammar, Total Business and the new six-level National Geographic course for adult learners called Life.

  • Paul Dummett

    My career in ELT began in Oxford in 1987, first as a teacher, then DoS, then Vice principal of Godmer House School of English. In 1996, I set up my own school teaching English to professionals which I ran for 10 years, giving it up in 2006 to concentrate on writing full-time. My interests have always centred around needs-based learning: from task-based learning for general English students through business English teaching to specialised ESP courses. As a teacher and a writer, my aim is to develop materials that are meaningful and thought-provoking - that offer more than just language learning. I seek out projects that offer this possibility. This was what led me to work with National Geographic on the adult series, LIFE. My publications include: Success with BEC (Summertown 2008), Energy English (Cengage 2010) and LIFE (National Geographic Learning (2012). I live in Oxford with my wife (and children when they come home). I love exercise (tennis, yoga, swimming, cycling and walking), reading and travel and I like to combine all three as often as I can.

  • Colin Benn

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