Grammar Dimensions: Form, Meaning, Use

  • AUTHORS: Diane Larsen-Freeman; Victoria Badalamenti; Carolyn Henner-Stanchina; Ingrid Wisniewska; Heidi Riggenbach; Virginia Samuda; Stephen Thewlis; Jan Frodesen; Janet Eyring
  • ©2007  | Published
  • Recommended For: Higher Education | Private Language Schools | Summer School
  • Grade(s): 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12
  • Subject(s): Grammar


About the Program

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Through clear and comprehensive grammar explanations, extensive practice exercises, and lively communicative activities, Grammar Dimensions helps students develop the skill of “grammaring”—the ability to use structures accurately, meaningfully, and appropriately.

  • “Opening Tasks” can be used as a diagnostic or warm-up exercise to explore students’ knowledge of each structure’s form, meaning, and use
  • The “Use Your English” pages offer communicative activities that meaningfully apply grammar to reading, writing, listening, and speaking opportunities
  • Workbooks provide additional exercises to improve grammar; also editing activities to increase students’ writing skills, and a test-taking section to enhance students’ application skills
  • Lesson Planners contain step-by-step teaching instructions with a choice of lesson plans to suit the unique needs of individual teachers and learners.

About the Author

  • Diane Larsen-Freeman

    Diane Larsen-Freeman is Professor Emerita of Education, Professor Emerita of Linguistics, and Former Director of the English Language Institute at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is also a Distinguished Senior Faculty Fellow at the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont. Dr. Larsen-Freeman has been a conference speaker in over 60 countries of the world and has published over 100 articles in her areas of interest. Her Heinle/Cengage titles include "The Grammar Book: Form, Meaning, and Use for English Language Teachers" (third edition, 2015, co-authored with Marianne Celce-Murcia), "From Grammar to Grammaring" (2003, authored), and the fourth edition of "Grammar Dimensions: Form, Meaning, and Use" (2007, Series Director). From 1980–1985, Dr. Larsen-Freeman was Editor of the journal "Language Learning." In 1997, Dr. Larsen-Freeman was inducted into the Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 1999, she was selected by ESL Magazine as one of "the ESL pioneers." In 2000, she received the lifetime achievement award from Heinle & Heinle.

  • Victoria Badalamenti

  • Carolyn Henner-Stanchina

  • Ingrid Wisniewska

    Ingrid Wisniewska studied modern languages and philosophy at Oxford University. She holds an MA in English language teaching and a PhD in language teacher education from the University of Southampton. She has taught English and trained teachers in Japan, the Czech Republic, the UK and the US. She is the author of several books for students and teachers of English, including Learning One-to-One and Vocabulary and Grammar Practice for the TOEFL Test.

  • Heidi Riggenbach

  • Virginia Samuda

  • Stephen Thewlis

  • Jan Frodesen

    Jan Frodesen is Director of ESL in the Department of Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara, where she reaches graduate and undergraduate courses in ESL and TESL. Her research and professional interests includes composition pedagogy, academic literacy, development, pedagogical grammar and ESL articulation issues in post secondary education.

  • Janet Eyring

Products Included


Grammar Café provides 20 hours of additional, interactive grammar instruction and practice, which presents key grammar lessons with the help of animated text, graphics, and real-world conversation.