Vocabulary Matrix: Understanding, Learning, Teaching

  • AUTHORS: Michael McCarthy; Anne O'Keeffe; Steven Walsh
  • ISBN-13: 9781424052530 
  • 176 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2010     Published
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About The Product

Vocabulary Matrix: Understanding, Learning, Teaching is an innovative resource for language teachers, particularly those who are pre-service or new. This dynamic guide to the methodology of vocabulary instruction offers clearly written theory and keeps a compelling focus on practical teaching applications throughout.


  • Ten comprehensive chapters including "Words and Their Forms," "Word Relations," "Words in Text and Discourse," "Words in Society," and more.
  • Clear chapter structure in three distinct sections: A) What do we know about this? B) What are the problems for learners? C) How do we teach it?
  • All chapters feature relevant 'Vocabulary Files': instructive teaching points and factoids, as well as illuminating practical tasks and a full chapter review.
  • Invaluable task and review commentaries plus Answer Key are provided, in addition to a useful glossary of key-terms.

About the Contributor

  • Michael McCarthy

  • Anne O'Keeffe

  • Steven Walsh

Table of Contents

1. Words and their forms
2. Words and their meanings
3. Collocation
4. The grammar of words
5. Multi-word items
6. Idioms
7. Word relations
8. Words in text and discourse
9. Words in the mind
10.Words in society