More activities for teaching the four skills in every young learner lesson

Reading Time: 5 minutesIn my previous post,  Tips for teaching the four skills in every young learner lesson, I looked at getting organised in terms of focusing on the four skills in each lesson.  In Part Two, I suggest ideas for adding skills practice into simple add-on activities, board activities and activities with images.


You can use a TED talk without the sound – try it!

Reading Time: 3 minutesA simple hack to control language level In the first post of this blog series TED Talks work for all levels: Try it!, I talked about how TED Talks can be used in the classroom for students at any level, as long as the activities that support them are level-appropriate.


Personalization: Tiny steps at the shallow end or diving in at the deep end

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe previous post in this series looked at how personalization in the classroom helps to build rapport, add authenticity and make classroom activities more motivating. It’s an aspect of teaching that is normally seen as beneficial and desirable. However, integrating personalization into your teaching is not without ‘risk’, according to