To all our friends,

2013 was a full year at National Geographic Learning ELT. We had another strong year of growth. We entered new markets. We published a lot of great products. We developed a major new partnership with TED. We separated the ELT group from the School group. Our parent, Cengage Learning filed Chapter 11. It's been quite a year.

Today, after over a decade of double-digit growth, approximately 80% of our ELT business is outside the United States, almost the exact reverse of where it was in 2000. Our horizon is the world. Our mission is a reflection of National Geographic's:

To inspire the future generation of leaders and decision makers
to be better caretakers of the planet and each other
and to enable them to be successful and responsible citizens of the 21st century.

To get there, we strive to inspire, empower, and enable the learner and the teacher through extraordinary learning materials and programs that reflect and embrace this incredible time.

Of course, Cengage’s filing for Chapter 11 was not so inspiring, and we have understandably received numerous questions about it and have been happy to answer them. In the end, the filing was necessary and will be helpful, in large part because it enabled us to continue operations without interruption—and, indeed, we have had a great year:

  • We finished our exciting new academic series, Pathways. We love this series, but we did not expect it to be our number one selling title this year, which it currently is.
  • We finished our beautiful new British English series, Life. It is currently our number six seller and moving up.
  • We released our first major entry into the global primary market, Our World. Among other things, it has the most comprehensive video and professional development programs available. We have more business pending on this series than on any other.
  • We officially launched ELTeach, our professional development and assessment program produced in partnership with ETS. It has been used by over 8,000 teachers in 16 countries. We love this program.
  • We became the exclusive ELT partner for TED, whose motto is “Ideas worth spreading.” We couldn't agree more. If you want to get inspired, go to their website and watch a few "Talks." Here's one to start:
  • We launched our own educator conference, Learning and English in the 21st Century, in Puerto Vallarta in October. We shared and learned with 70 leading Latin American educators and came away inspired to expand this and other programs to develop increased community for us with educators and learners.

As I mentioned, we also reorganized National Geographic Learning into separate ELT and School operations to enhance the focus on each publishing area, both of which have enormous opportunities that require specific solutions. National Geographic Learning will continue to serve as the name and brand for both operations and is indelibly imprinted into the missions and values of both groups. However, this will enable each—ELT and School—to focus more closely on the people they need to serve and the work they need to do—and to realize their potential faster.

So, it was another great year for National Geographic ELT. We thank all of you who enabled it to be so, and we wish you an amazing New Year filled with good things. We also look forward to seeing you at TESOL in Portland and other great places around this incredible world.

Best wishes,

Dennis Hogan
Executive Director
National Geographic Learning